CareLink360™ the safest and simplest way to stay in touch with our seniors.

Changing The Way The World Ages.

CareLink360™ creates lasting connections by being the simplest, safest, and smartest way to connect seniors to family, friends, and care teams. In addition to video chat and photo sharing, every tap on the touch screen delivers health and wellness tools and education, medication and activity reminders, and lots of fun and lasting enjoyment. CareLink360™ isn’t just technology; it’s a heart-to-heart connection, redefining how we care for those seniors who once cared for us.

Connected Care Made Effortless

Live Video Calls

Bridge the miles with a simple touch of a screen. CareLink360™’s live video calls bring the reassuring presence of family into the homes of your elders, ensuring that love knows no distance.

Photo & Video Sharing

Keep memories in motion. Share life’s joys and everyday moments with your aging loved ones, making it simple to stay connected and creating a shared family experience that spans the distance.

Event & Medication Reminders

Support their independence. CareLink360™’s event and medication reminders give you peace of mind, knowing your loved ones are prompted for important tasks, fostering their health and your peace of mind.

Simplicity is the Cornerstone of CareLink360™

Life doesn’t get easier as our loved ones age; it’s the care we give that makes their days brighter. CareLink360™ is here to make those moments of care as simple and pure as they should be. With our Digital Health Companion™, you’re not just easing the burden of age for them; you’re giving back the peace they once gave you.

Plug in the CareLink360 Digital Health Companion™

Watching someone you love grow older is hard. You remember their strength, their laugh, how they were always there for you. Now they need you, and it’s your turn. CareLink360™ brings the tools to your hands, making it a little easier to be there for them, to manage their health, and to keep those cherished laughs coming.

Download the Mobile App

The CareLink360™ app is not just an app; it’s the bridge between your commitment and their needs. It’s the silent partner in your daily routine, ensuring you can give your loved one the same care and devotion they’ve always given you.

Invite Family

It takes a family to care for the one who once cared for all. CareLink360™ helps you bring everyone together, to share the load, to support each other, and to ensure that the family’s foundation gets the support they deserve. It’s about staying connected, not just for the sake of health, but for the love that binds you all.

Empowering Care with CareLink360™

Caregiving with Compassion

Ease the weight of responsibility with CareLink360™’s tailored resources. Gain valuable insights into providing gentle, effective care that nourishes the soul and body of your loved ones.

Staying Connected Across Miles

Shrink the distance that separates you from your aging family members. CareLink360™’s intuitive communication tools keep the conversations flowing and the familial bonds strong, ensuring no one feels isolated or alone.

Innovative Caregiving at Your Fingertips

Harness the power of modern technology to enhance the care you provide. CareLink360™ offers innovative solutions that adapt to the changing needs of the elderly, delivering convenience and care right where it’s needed most.


What Our Families Say

“CareLink360™ has been a game changer for my 94 years old mom. Truly a life and sanity saver during this pandemic. It’s so easy for her to do-which is huge! And whenever I had any questions or issues, the response time was immediate, which is much appreciated. I highly recommend this amazing and much needed device!”

Camille, loving daughter living in CA and mother living in TX

“With CareLink360™, I was able to communicate with my grandmother regularly. One of my fonder memories is where my grandmother was able to look at my son from across the country and talk with him for 10 minutes.

Thank you for enabling that memory!”

Tom, grandson living in NJ and grandmother living in CA

“I cannot say enough good things about CareLink360™. My father has a debilitating stroke and is in an assisted living facility. He cannot operate a phone or tablet. This device allows us to video chat easily with him, and answers automatically so he doesn’t have to touch it. It is so easy to use, with no technology confusion at all. Thank you for inventing this amazing device to help me stay in touch with my family.”

Gina, living in NJ, and father living in CT

“Mom and I had our first CareLink360™ face-to-face call & it was really fun! Thank you again. What a wonderful gift!”

Carol, caring daughter, PA

“We have been using our CareLink360™ for a couple of years now. My wife is in a nursing home with advanced Parkinson’s Disease and CareLink360™ has proven to be the only device that she can use, it has been very good to us.”

P., loving husband

“CareLink360™ has been a lifesaver. We communicate with my mother daily and she expects it. CareLink360™ allows her to stay connected with the family.It’s the best purchase I’ve made.” Thank you.”

Sarah, loving daughter, AZ

“My 100-year-old Mom is still using her CareLink360™ device! She does enjoy seeing the pictures, and they do stimulate conversation. A psychologist recommended “reminiscing” as therapy, and her long-term memory is remarkable.”


“There are no works to express our gratitude to CareLink360™ for giving our father a renewed desire and energy towards life. His joy of video chatting with his children and grandchildren, working the memory and cognitive skill tools and his daily medication and health reminders has put is overall health back on track.Thank You So Much CareLink360™!”

Diane Clemens, daughter and caregiver to a father with early-stage dementia

As a long-distance family caregiver for my father, the CareLink360 Companion App™ has given me the ability to do daily video chat check-ins, set important reminders and better manage the isolation and loneliness that he sometimes feels from being so far away from most of his family.”
Debbie Blank, family caregiver

“I find great joy in connecting with my children and grandchildren through my CareLink360™. Additionally, the sight of my departed parents in old photographs evokes precious memories, filling my heart with warmth. The ease of use brings me immense happiness, making it an indispensable part of my life that I couldn’t imagine living without.”
Joyce, 71 year old CareLink360™ user

“I love seeing my children and grandchildren on my CareLink360™ and hearing about all the things they are doing and wonderful places they are going. It is so easy for me to use and makes me so
Rich, 87 year old CareLink360™ user

Embrace the essence of caring by providing your loved ones with a gateway to mental agility and heartfelt connections.

The CareLink360 Digital Health Companion™ isn’t just a device; it’s your gesture of love, ensuring their days are filled with joy, purpose, and the comforting thought of being cherished. Take a step that resonates with care, understanding, and the promise of beautiful days ahead.