Meet Our Team

Meet the devoted individuals behind CareLink360™, where compassion meets innovation to create a circle of care for aging adults. Our team members are neighbors, friends, children of aging parents – each with their own stories that resonate with the mission we carry.

We are united by the belief that technology should have a heart, a pulse that beats in sync with the needs and joys of the families we serve. Each day, we pour our genuine passion into the work we do, ensuring that every feature we craft, every service we provide, is filled with the understanding and warmth that our own families would deserve.

Our dedication goes beyond the desk – it’s in the heartfelt stories we hear, the smiles we witness, and the assurance we provide to those who worry for their loved ones. In the glow of a screen, we see families come together, laughter shared, and comfort given.

Paula Muller, Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Clinical Officer

Founder of CareLink360™, brings a wealth of experience in healthcare technology, including a background in Biomedical Engineering, EEG analysis in Switzerland, Ph.D., and Post-doc work with Parkinson patients. Her career spans tech and software development roles at companies like SiriusXM, Net-Scale Technologies, and Authentidate. Paula’s vision for CareLink360™, inspired by her commitment to family bonds, aims to bring seniors and their loved ones closer together.

Dave Duplay

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

A proven global entrepreneur and turn-a-round executive with experience in the healthcare and life science industry. He has undertaken diverse marketing and strategy projects spanning various disease areas, collaborating with a diverse group of industry stakeholders including pharmaceutical & biotech firms, healthcare professionals, research organizations, and patient & caregiver groups. As the CEO of CareLink360™, a global digital health leader Changing The Way The World Ages, Dave is dedicated to enhancing lives of adults that are aging. Dave is also Chairman of Vital Options International, a global health foundation, Founder of Whole Person Health, a trusted source for patients & caregivers seeing support, Founder of MedTera Healthcare Intelligence, a global consulting firm, Founder and Managing Director of New Colony Partners, an early stage investment and advisory firm, and a Board Member of Environmental Advocates, a brownfield redevelopment company.

Peter Umekubo, MS MBA

Chief Operating Officer

A seasoned executive in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and healthcare sector, Peter is renowned for his innovative Population Health, Disease Management, and digital health strategies. Currently serving as Chief Operating Officer at CareLink360™, he drives the delivery of essential healthcare tools to patients and caregivers. Additionally, Peter is a trusted advisor to global health non-profits, digital health companies, and health and wellness organizations. With 15+ years of experience spanning various healthcare industries, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and non-profits, Peter holds an M.S. in Biology from New York University and an MBA from the University of Colorado, Denver.

Vasileios M. Stoidis

Chief Technology Officer

Vasileios is a seasoned tech founder & CEO dedicated to innovation across both the public and private sectors. Early in his career, he designed Greece’s 1st secure SSO campus-wide WiFi network and interconnected wirelessly campus buildings increasing 80x the speeds and reducing 70% the costs. In parallel he also founded Philoxenos, a privacy-focused e-mail provider in Greece and played a pivotal role in the early stages of the Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network, which interconnected major cities across Greece via high-speed WiFi. Following his studies, he launched the 1st company in Greece to provide turn-key hotel WiFi solutions and enabled the university to become the 1st city-wide wireless ISP for students and faculty. He later built 7L International and MassiveGRID that successfully scaling its global reach to over 150 countries. Today Vasileios is located in New York and continues to lead 7L International specializing in Design, Development, and Marketing services, as well MassiveGRID providing Secure, High Availability Cloud Services.

Panayiotis Kotrokois

Chief Marketing Officer

Panayiotis leads the marketing front as the Chief Marketing Officer at 7L International and MassiveGRID, and simultaneously steers the strategic vision at CareLink360™ as the acting Chief Marketing Officer. A member of the illustrious American Marketing Association, his insights and innovations have earned him the spotlight as a ‘CMO to Watch in 2023’ by the CMO Alliance, a testament to his foresight in the realm of marketing. His journey, originating in the demanding role of a digital account manager for behemoth brands like 3M and Unilever, has seen a meteoric rise to a digital marketing and branding virtuoso at Deloitte. Panayiotis’s acumen spans a vast array of industries from healthtech to AR/VR, where he orchestrates market trends with finesse. Beyond his corporate conquests, his empathetic approach has crowned him a sage advisor for startups, guiding them from nascent ideas to market-validated MVPs with a deft touch.
Katrina Firlik

Katrina Firlik, MD


A former neurosurgeon who transitioned into the digital health industry. She is the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of HealthPrize Technologies, a company focused on enhancing medication adherence and health outcomes through a blend of education, behavioral science, and incentives. Prior to her entrepreneurial venture, Katrina practiced as a neurosurgeon at Greenwich Hospital and served on the clinical faculty at Yale University School of Medicine. She is also an author, with her book “Another Day in the Frontal Lobe: A Brain Surgeon Exposes Life on the Inside,” published by Random House, to her name.

Lisa Gans, JD


Lisa Gans is a versatile and accomplished leader with a distinguished career spanning climate finance, international development, law, human rights, change management, and innovation strategy. She has consistently demonstrated her expertise and passion for tackling complex challenges and driving positive change. Her dedication to social justice and sustainability is evident in her work with organizations like International Medical Corps and USAID’s Climate Finance for Development Accelerator. Lisa is a true catalyst for progress, inspiring others to embrace innovation and create a more equitable and sustainable future. She holds a B.A. from Harvard University and a J.D. from Columbia Law School. She is a former term member of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations and a contributor to the Huffington Post.

Lisa Morris


Expert in Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, and Investment. Founder of the travel company Road Concierge, which was acquired by the global travel agency ALTOUR.  Lisa actively invests in and advises various startups, particularly in the health and wellness sector. She is an Activator with Coralus, an EIR with the NYSERDA program, and an EarthShot Prize nominator. She has held senior roles with several nonprofit organizations including the Epic Foundation, Mary Tyler Moore Foundation, AKS Family Foundation and as the Director of Philanthropic Services for FORCE Family Office. She sits on the Board of Vital Options International and the WiTT Fund Advisory council. She currently serves as Managing Director of AKS Family Partners LP.

Paolo Narciso, Ph.D.


Paolo Narciso is a social entrepreneur and accomplished leader renowned for driving transformative change in non-profit and technology sectors. Former VP of New Product Development and Program Optimization at AARP Foundation, he spearheaded solutions addressing social isolation among low-income older adults, including the award-winning Alcove virtual reality app. Paolo also pioneered voice-enabled technology and AI solutions to enhance income, housing, and food security for vulnerable populations. As the co-founder of CloudHealth Asia, he provided primary care access to underserved Southeast Asian populations. A serial tech entrepreneur, Paolo has led multiple startups to successful exits and authored books on applying technology for social good. He earned his Doctorate from Creighton University in 2016.

Jordan Strohl


Jordan Strohl has been Administrator/Executive Director of the Actors Fund Home since 2006. Under his leadership, the facility has received a perfect survey from the New Jersey State Department of Health and consistently maintains a Five Star rating from the Federal Government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). In addition, the Actors Fund Home is recognized annually by US News & World Report as one of the Best Facilities in the country. Mr. Strohl prides himself on the excellent health care and personalized care the Home provides for both short-term rehabilitation and long-term residence. Jordan is also an active board member of Leading Age of New Jersey & Delaware where he enjoys advocacy work and making a difference in the industry.