Health and Wellbeing Reminders

Entrusted with the care of your aging loved ones, you seek to envelop them in attentiveness and affection. The CareLink360™ Companion App serves as your partner in this noble role, offering personalized reminders that ensure no aspect of their health and wellbeing is overlooked.

Gentle Medication Nudges

Our medication reminders are tender prompts that help keep your loved one’s treatment on track, ensuring that every dose is taken with love and precision.

Encouragement for Daily Movement

Stay active, stay healthy. The DHC sends exercise reminders that gently coax your loved ones into movement, supporting their physical health with every stretch and step.

Enriching Activities AlertsVigilant Vaccination CuesHealth Appointment AffirmationsCelebrations of Life’s Milestones

Never miss a moment of joy. Activity reminders from CareLink360 bring a spark of excitement to each day, encouraging engagement in hobbies and interests that brighten their lives.

Vigilant Vaccination Cues

Protect their health with vaccination reminders. CareLink360 ensures that you’re always informed about important immunizations, safeguarding the health of those you hold dear.

Health Appointment Affirmations

Keep their health journey on course with reminders for doctor’s visits and health-related appointments, so you can prepare and accompany them with ease and assurance.

Celebrations of Life’s Milestones

Celebrate every cherished occasion with reminders for special events like birthdays and anniversaries, because every milestone is a testament to the love you share.