Celebrating Our Aging Heroes: A Campaign of Love and Gratitude


Over the weekend, a heartwarming moment shared by one of our customers sparked an idea that resonated deeply – a campaign to celebrate the remarkable stories and achievements of our parents. It all began with an astonishing picture of a 103 years old mom, accompanied by the simple yet powerful words, “Just to brag again about my mom. She’s pretty amazing!” A beautiful sentiment indeed, one that ignited the inspiration to launch a movement of parental pride.

The Journey of Love

This campaign is more than just a collection of accolades; it’s a recognition of the shared journey we undertake as families. It’s a journey marked by love, shared experiences, and accomplishments that leave a lasting legacy for future generations. As adult children navigating the complexities of caring for our loved ones, often from a distance, we understand the challenges aging brings – health, physical, and cognitive hurdles. Yet, we persevere, adapt, and strive to enhance the quality of life for our families and ourselves.

A Celebration of Life

In the spirit of life and togetherness, let’s collectively share stories and expressions of gratitude for our aging parents. It’s an acknowledgment of the present moment and a reflection on cherished memories of the invaluable lessons and love they’ve bestowed upon us.

Sharing Paula’s Story

My beautiful mother celebrating her 60th high school reunion.

My beautiful mother celebrating her 60th high school reunion.

To kick off this campaign, I can’t help but “brag” about my parents. Recently, my mom celebrated her 60th high school reunion, a testament to the enduring connections she has fostered. Her eyes still radiate hope and openness for the future, reminiscent of when she was just 17 years old. Getting older is not without its challenges; arthrosis poses discomfort, especially in the cold winter days. Now, she assumes the role of primary caregiver for my father, navigating his health issues. Yet, they have each other, their children, grandchildren, in-laws, friends, and relatives – each relationship holding profound significance.


As we embark on this campaign, let’s revel in the joy of sharing stories, expressing gratitude, and acknowledging the resilience of our aging parents. Their journeys are woven into the fabric of our lives, creating a rich tapestry of love, strength, and enduring connections. Join us in celebrating life, family, and the remarkable individuals who have shaped our existence.

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