I'll Pay It Forward Campaign

I’ll Pay It Forward Campaign

CareLink360 And Vital Options International Partner To Support Low-Income Aging Adults

CareLink360 and Vital Options International Form Partnership to Support Low-Income Aging Adults!

Flemington, NJ – February 13, 2024 – Today we are excited to announce a new partnership between CareLink360, a Digital Health, AgeTech, and Data Insights company, and Vital Options International, a 501(c)3 whose mission is to provide Advocacy, Education and Support to patients, families, and care teams.

The partnership is introducing the “I’ll Pay It Forward campaign”, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at combating the pervasive issue of isolation and loneliness among low-income aging adults globally.

With the philanthropic support of individuals, family offices, foundations, and corporations, the campaign empowers seniors to bridge the technology gap so they can easily connect with their loved ones and care teams at no cost to them. In addition to charitable donations from supporters to the I’ll Pay It Forward campaign, CareLink360 will contribute a $230.00 per device donation to help lower the overall cost of the Digital Health Companion service so that they can provide them to as many recipients as possible.

Lisa Morris, Lead Director of Vital Options International, says, “Our partnership mission is simple. We will provide a charitable vehicle to allow donors to use their philanthropic dollars to provide low-income aging adults with the invaluable gift of connection through the innovative Digital Health Companion from CareLink360. Vital Options International is proud to support CareLink360’s mission to “Change the Way The World Ages™. The World Health Organization stated that “a society is measured by how it cares for its elderly citizens” and with the global population of aging adults rapidly increasing, the time to act is now.”

David S. Duplay, Chairman & CEO of CareLink360™ says “Vital Options International has been supporting the patient, caregiver, and care team community for many years with world-class advocacy and education programs that support aging adults. With our CareLink360 Digital Health Companion™, aging adults can access live video chats with family, friends, and care teams. They can enjoy cognitively stimulating activities, fitness videos, medical and medication reminders, musical sing-a-longs, audiobooks, and more. They are kept safe from online predators but can use the device to remain connected to the people who matter most to them. There are no logins or passwords to remember, no links to click, nothing to download or stream. Through the I’ll Pay It Forward campaign, the aging adult can safely take advantage of the connectivity that they could not normally afford without our assistance.”

“Elder health is a state of physical, mental, intellectual, social, and emotional well-being and not merely the absence of disease, isolation, and loneliness”, added Duplay.

To learn more about the I’ll Pay It Forward program, visit us at: www.illpayitforward.org

Press Release: https://www.barchart.com/story/news/24034426/carelink360-and-vital-options-international-partner-to-support-low-income-aging-adults